Our Purpose

One Thousand Churches Connected (OTCC) is implemented through the Citizenship Education Fund in partnership with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Reinforcing the best traditions of the church being at the center of family and community life, the mission of OTCC is to assist our churches in becoming a redeeming force for progressive change in the areas of economic justice, public policy, social justice, civil rights and peace.

Focus of One Thousand Churches Connected:

  • Public Policy Education
  • Financial Stewardship Education
  • Homeownership Education
  • Insurance Education
  • Investment Education
  • Voter Registration and Education
  • Health Care and Hospice Education
  • Consumer Automotive Education

Our Vision: Our Future

Our children have gone astray. They have conformed to the values of the world. Thus, it is the role of the church to lead the charge in teaching our children lessons of history so they will not become victimized by the mundane elements of society, but become motivated to achieve God’s purpose for their lives. One Thousand Churches Connected in collaboration with PUSH EXCEL provides member congregations proven tools to Reclaim Our Youth through efforts like:

  • JMEIC (Juvenile Mentoring and Early Intervention Coalition)
  • HBCU Tours
  • Education and Leadership Conferences
  • Oratorical Competitions