Financial Stewardship


A major thrust of the One Thousand Churches Connected program is economic literacy and financial responsibility for churches and their members. For many workers, the burden of personal debt prevents them from becoming homeowners and having a more credible place society.

The vitality and growth of many communities across the country is stifled by rising costs (living expenses, health care, child-care, education) and stagnant and diminishing income (downsizing, lay-offs, salary-cuts) that encourage people to carry large amounts of personal debt. The problem is compounded by overuse of credit cards and others unhealthy financial practices.

In response, OTCC facilities a Financial Literacy Program to deliver message of economic responsibility through the church.

One Thousand Churches Connected promotes economic opportunity through shared economic security and empowerment. Member churches are taught to establish economic independence through debt elimination and long-term financial planning.

Member churches may take advantage of the following four training modules to implement each congregation’s financial ministry:

Module I: Debt & Consumer Credit Education
Module II: Home Ownership
Module III: Investment Basics & Insurance Education
Module IV: Technology as a Resource