How To Get Involved

  • Complete the attached membership application and forward as directed
  • Pastors appoints a Social Justice Coordinator to work with OTCC Region Director
  • Pastor appoints a Financial Ministry Coordinator to work with OTCC Region Director
  • Pastor appointee should contact their OTCC Region Director in one of the following
  • Rainbow PUSH Region (Satellite) offices to be connected.

Churches Connected

In today’s world, there are more tools to connect us; however, the truth is we are less connected than ever before. One Thousand Churches Connected connects churches nationwide to share information, identify issues, and design a rapid and strategic response system.

Churches Coordinated

When we fight for a higher quality of education for ALL Americans, when we challenge industries and institutions such as the health care industry, when we fight to eradicate inequalities in the justice and political systems, OTCC will enable churches to organize, synchronize and systematize their advocacy efforts.

Churches Communicating

In as much as our community cannot rely on mass media to communicate its message, OTCC has created its own information network. Imagine a major issue of concern is broadcasted on the early morning news. We will convene a national conference call to connect, communicate and coordinate with OTCC churches and affiliates to PUSH the issues of the day. Not only that, but you have access to the weekly radio and television broadcasts of Rainbow PUSH.

One Thousand Churches Connected provides members with tools to analyze today’s business to create tomorrow’s opportunity.